GUIDA AL MATRIMONIO (weeding planning guidelines for future DIY brides and for budding wedding planners) my manual about the wedding organization from A to Z has been, finally, published - by Edizioni Morellini, "pink generation" series, the richest collection of women's manuals that combines practical advice with a light-hearted cut.

The presentation tour was an unforgettable human and cultural experience:
in Turin I was interviewed  by Francesca Angeleri, journalist of Corriere della Sera,
in Rome by Tiziana Lucioli, founder of the training school "Accademia degli eventi"
in Naples by Flaviana Cuomo, wedding planner and blogger,
in Genoa by Luca Cevasco, slasher (journalist, radio host, actor, etc.)
in Milan by Michaela k. Bellisario, journalist of IO Donna and writer.

Currently available only in Italian - GUIDA AL MATRIMONIO